Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ice and coconut milk

With grated ice and coconut milk and sugar resolution. pastry could be a typical drink of society, however the pastry is already very hip in nearly all regions. pastry has its own distinctive i.e. wherever the rice flour obtained was given a natural inexperienced coloring made of pandan leaf juice or leaf suji that are processed, consequent written form-shavings shavings tiny.

ni him that you simply won't realize anyplace else, Ice Goyang Karawang be a typical menu of Lebak saree Indah. solely here you'll be able to realize a mixture between cendol, basil seeds, sweetening and frozen dessert. The fourth meeting of various materials creates a way Ice Goyang Karawang delicious, creamy and refreshes.

producing sirup of tamarind fruit native tamarind and palm sugar. appetisingness ar suited accompany quiet moments or for gala formal event

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