Friday, June 3, 2016

Chicken claw

Chicken claw, many people underestimate the chicken parts on this one and is sometimes considered part of the useless and often discarded.
Chinese food Dim sum is served using a bamboo container. Now, you can present to be able to cook a chicken claw mengolahnya.Anda with chicken claw presto so that bones become soft.
Moreover, when stricken with diarrhea or vomiting diarrhea and even added, this menu may be the best option to meet the nutritional intake
carrots and claw until tender. put tomatoes, leek and celery. Add salt, pepper, sugar and seasonings to taste, stir and nails and then boiled briefly just enough to boil order

Just imagine the new, direct dripping saliva. It makes the processed claw favor and tender to the bone is not difficult yaa ... Hopefully entitled Tips and Cooking Ceker which favors and Soft to the bone can be beneficial to.

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